The nation’s Electronic Devices Show in Vegas not just brings people many new items, but additionally provides them newer and more effective idea and thinking. We will find the inclination of the industry from various apparent position.

First of all, the intelligence, tablet pc, 4G, 3D television and wireless have grown to be the important thing words of the show from the purpose of technical view. About this exhibition, people can easily see the revolution introduced through the technology within their existence. The unit and repair which offer the broadband are growing within this exhibition, and also the 4G communication brings a brand new era. The wireless technology will enter people’s existence, and provide their loved ones and corporation management new style. Underneath the support of high-speed and intelligent network, all of the video consumption and repair could be recognized around the movable devices. Experts also highlights the American’s need for wireless is limitless.

Next, the benefit, hommization and open have grown to be the most popular sense within this industry in the look at developing idea. More wireless application will integrates all of the technologies. The brand new technology emphasizes the personalization and customers’ experience. Experts also maintain the consumer electronic industry has a lot of options, that is difficult to predicate. The combination between customers’ demand and new technology makes the customer electronic industries have huge change.

Thirdly, the nation’s consumer electronic industry has got the new sign of “mixing vertically and uniting transversely”. Experts maintain the consumer electronic industry has joined an adult developing period, meaning the net income space has become smaller sized, and also the competition is going to be fiercer. Many large companies of consumer electronic match one another about this exhibition.

Fourthly, it’s no doubt the America may be the leader from the entire industry. A brand new and big national electronic devices market has emerged, and America is incorporated in the center. The attached integrated circuit is P3126.

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